Brief description to avoid tower which at installation considerations

Generally avoid tower installation from the Foundation to the State Tower, use of vehicles and lifting crane, which can be accelerated when saving to make the project. But this only in the physical environment in a better place, which carries vehicles under the situation and the crane can be installed into the ground. Generally avoid tower base is designed to avoid Tower number embedded and base depth, and according to field selected when Foundation construction tools and labor personnel. Concrete curing period of a week or more. First section avoidance Retta artificial lifting, by lifting workers will hanging rope and the hand gourd fixed good, arrangements three people (force workers) tube good three root pulled rope keep hold rod of vertical, another has two people (force workers) will hanging rope tied Yu first section avoidance Retta of lifting parts prepared lifting, while tied a root pulled rope for lifting avoidance Retta Shi for on avoidance Retta location adjustment. Section I avoid Tower manual lifting can be carried out. Three, and four or five section avoidance Retta artificial lifting, different Yu first section avoidance Retta artificial lifting is hold rod of fixed, it is will hold rod with eighth, iron line fixed in first section avoidance Retta top, then other method ibid, stay first section avoidance Retta in vertical Shi by adjustment force workers docking avoidance Retta and based to buried pieces, check good Hou immediately with prepared good of bolt for fixed, now first section avoidance Retta installation finished.