Do you understand the function of decorative towers atop buildings

Decorative towers atop buildings as the name suggests is to beautify the building installed on the roof, have very good decorative effect. Now in many places has been widely used, like open garden Office or enclosed garden with decorative towers atop buildings, because it is not just a simple appearance, also played a very big role in the other, now you know what are its other roles.
First it of first a function is on avoidance mine, because with times of development high-rise buildings increasingly more, avoidance mine is essential of, and roof decorative Tower not only can avoidance mine also can landscaping can be described as is in one fell swoop more have Ah; air defense, with General obstacles lamp or senior of automatic with Flash of high life of aviation obstacles lamp device; it also has communications of function, has installation BP machine antenna communications various device, now people are in using wireless network can achieved fire, anti-theft wireless networking.