Lightning protection of construction Tower, formerly known as

With Buddhist incoming China of rush out blocking slope and Middle-Earth of heavy floor joint Hou, experience has Tang Song Yuan in Ming and Qing dynasties the towards of growth, and and near area of build system mutual exchange fusion, gradually formed has Pavilion type Tower, and key eaves type Tower, and Pavilion GE type Tower, and covered Bowl type Tower, and diamond throne type Tower, and baoqieyin type Tower, and five round tower, and more pagoda, and seamless type Tower, variety form layout the other Tower Department, build plane from early of square gradually evolution into has Hexagon, and eight side shaped that round, course Tower of build skills also kept progress layout increasingly reasonable, Material from the traditional use of rammed earth, wood extends to the brick, ceramic, glass, metal and other materials. After the 14th century, the Tower from the religious to the secular world in the world, according to the legal system, the tower can be divided into the stupa and pagoda. At the architecture level, is a very peculiar building in the East of the Tower, tall and diverse materials, in different geological condition built skills differences, we seem brief lightning towers, but very large, involves various disciplines, such as mechanics of materials, layout many mechanics and so on.