Resolve the mystery of the forest fire lookout tower

In the open forest, wooded, rare species is particularly high. Wandering in a green sea, we who can think of forest fire prevention of tension. Forest fire prevention should be based on prevention, not cramming, in order to save investment, forest fire lookout tower is the best choice, it can in time due to various factors pose a fire risk, to defend the natural economy. Can also be a military looking nervous cover for boundaries and factory look, ideal for plant processing of human observation or electronic monitoring.
Tension: officers observed observation, station 360-degree surveillance cameras. Use: schools, plazas, parking lots, high-rise building, forest fire prevention, beach, tourist attractions such as the sector of tension features: covering an area of small, save land resources, convenient location the Tower light weight, convenient transport and placement, configuration short. Layout planning practices and plans meet national steel Tower and mast planning procedures, layout, quiet and reliable. Reasonable layout, style elegance, lasting durability, anti-corrosion treatment hot-dip galvanizing, corrosion-resistant long. Forest Watchtower is necessary to do maintenance and long using life, can at least reach 50, forest fire prevention, boundary maintenance is the best ideal ascending configuration.