Steel structure house advantages and disadvantages summary

1. The reason why steel structure housing can be widely used is because steel structure housing has unique advantages. The advantages of steel-framed homes are:

1 The strength of steel house is relatively high, its light weight, and its outstanding performance in terms of plasticity and toughness;

2 The steel structure housing is very simple to construct, because the steel structure housing construction is not affected by the season, so the construction period of the steel structure housing is shorter;

3 When the interior structure of a steel structure house is renovated, it can be changed as needed without restriction;

4 The building materials of the steel structure house are renewable, and it is a green and environmental-friendly house;

5 The seismic function of a steel structure house is very strong.

Steel house is good, the service life is so long!

2. Steel house is also unavoidable with certain shortcomings. Here's a brief introduction:

1 steel structure housing is not heat resistant or refractory;

2 steel house is vulnerable to corrosion;

3 There is a certain degree of sound insulation and leakage problems in steel houses.