Steel structure installation and prefabrication

According to the installation sequence and process requirements, prefabrication and assembly of steel components on the steel platform must ensure the quality of the welding process.

The spacing between the splice flange joints and the web joints of the profiled steel shall be greater than 200 mm. The splicing length of the flange plate should not be less than 2 times the board width; the splicing width of the web should not be less than 300mm and the length should not be less than 600mm.

In order to facilitate the welding and ensure the quality of welding, as much as possible, the ribs, connecting plates, plates, and beams (beams) on the columns and beams shall be welded together on the ground steel platform according to the size of the construction drawings.

Prefabricated steel components on steel platforms shall be prepared in addition to the construction drawings and specifications, and shall also consider changes in the processability and installation dimensions of on-site installation.