The service life of steel structure house

Compared with the domestic use of steel-structured houses in China, it takes about 30 years earlier. At the beginning, steel-structured houses were only used as temporary buildings in China. Steel-structured dwellings played an important role in the reconstruction of the quake-hit areas after the earthquake. After the earthquakes in Wenchuan and Yushu, the outstanding performance of steel-structured dwellings attracted the attention of many people. Therefore, steel-framed dwellings were rapidly promoted due to their earthquake resistance. . Although the promotion and use of steel structure housing in China is at an initial stage, the promotion of national energy conservation policies and the long service life and high quality performance of steel structure housing have gradually attracted people's attention to steel structure housing.

With the continuous in-depth study of steel structure housing, the service life of China's current steel structure housing can be as long as 95 years, and it has a good performance in the construction of new rural areas. Many high-rise buildings and villas have begun to use steel structures, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in China's traditional construction methods.