What are the main uses of steel house?

Steel-framed dwellings with strong display space have advantages in application performance, design, construction, and analysis of economy. The main uses of steel structures in home construction are widely used as follows:

One, can properly deploy performance interval

Applying the characteristics of high strength steel, it is envisaged that large bays can be deployed to make the three-dimensional building can be properly separated, be sensitive and convenient, and create open-plan residences. The conservative structure (brick-concrete structure, concrete structure) restricts the freedom of space deployment because of the nature of data. In the past, the normal times were usually 3.2 meters, 3.4 meters, and 3.6 meters. If they were too large, they would form plate thickness, beam height, and column height. The emergence of 'fat plum fat column' scene, but do not have to be wonderful, and increase their own weight, increase the cost, the buyers in the second time when the decoration, often because of their own position to change the status of the wall, increase the hidden dangers.

Second, light weight, good anti-seismic function

On the contrary, on the construction floor of the construction area, the weight of the steel structure is light. According to the observation, the weight of the six-story light-steel structure housing is only equal to the weight of the four-story brick-concrete structure. In addition, the steel has ductility and can observe good energy consumed by the earthquake because of its good earthquake resistance and high structural insurance.

Third, the ground is simple and the duration is short

Steel structural members can implement workplace-based consumption and on-site installations. Because of the small amount of on-site work, less purification of the surrounding environment, simultaneous sound, high level of automation of earthmoving, slow down the progress of the ground. According to statistics, the construction area of unusual areas and steel structures can be extended by one-third compared with the construction period of the concrete, and the model data can be saved.

Fourth, analysis of low cost Because light weight, the root cost increases, the overall use of materials to reduce the indirect profits, the establishment of a short period of time, direct costs can be reduced, because the analysis of low cost. The

V. Meeting the requirements of industrialization and sustainable development of housing

The steel structure is suitable for a small amount of consumption in the workshop and has a high level of industrialization. In addition, it can disperse the conserving waste products such as energy-saving, waterproof, sound insulation, and doors and windows into a whole and use it as a set. It will integrate ideas, consumption, and real estate to improve the degree of industrialization of housing. In summary, the steel structure is suitable for renovation of the residential structure system