What is a steel structure house?

Steel-framed residential buildings are constructed of steel-based steel frame members. Steel-framed dwellings are mainly light-weighted, low-cost, practically used in various foundations, simple in installation, short in construction period, fast in investment, unstoppable in construction environment, and strong in earthquake resistance and wind resistance.

In 1997, China’s steel production reached 120 million tons, of which cold-rolled H-beams accounted for 0.42 billion tons. The relevant production witnessed the strong advantages of China’s steel-structured housing and created an excellent mental and technical foundation for the steel structure. In the construction of foreign steel structures, high-rise buildings that were once very extensive, extensively built, and heavy-duty public buildings—stadiums, pavilions, theaters, and the like were used. The skeletons of the load-bearing skeletons were basically steel structures. In China, the Shenzhen Diwang Building, which was built in 1996, is 325 meters high. It is the first super high-rise steel structure building in the world. The Dalian offshore building built in 1998 was a high-rise steel structure (201 meters high and 51 floors). From the assumptions, builds, installations, and supply of steel products, all of them are realized by the country itself, which is a testament to the strong technical progress of high-rise steel structures in China. Steel structures will also be widely used in residential buildings.