Decorative Towers Atop Buildings Using Advantage

Decorative towers atop buildings look pretty eye-catching, unique modern shape, so most will appear in the landmark building top or top of the Office, not only for long, beautiful effect is particularly good. Top Tower is decorated in an ordinary metal poles fixed on the top of a pole top shape to match the fixed component, and pole with the fixed component is by a bolt or clamp to connect. Decorative Tower in the, also has antenna, its antenna of size and gain is is according to by application of wireless network for select, antenna through flange fixed in fixed component of top Department; antenna, and fixed component, and lamp rod of Center axis phase coincide, in antenna of above installation fixed a lightning rod, this a lightning rod will through Luo Republika oral antenna phase connection, and also will through antenna within of conductor and lamp rod for connection; antenna is will from fixed component and lamp rod of internal through, and set in lamp Rod near of base station connection, So decorative towers atop buildings can effectiveness of wireless network coverage, but you can also achieve results.