How To Pick A Surveillance Tower

Control tower, Tower technology, avoid Tower and other goods, control tower by Tower, channel, ladder, antenna support-steel components, and hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion treatment, mainly used for microwave and Ultrashort, and forest protection.
Described the need to ensure the international standard rules monitoring Tower depicts rational layout, beautiful beautiful, in order to avoid environmental damage to the control tower corrosion, needs monitoring it looks hot-dip galvanized zinc disposed of its corrosion resistance functions can be useful progress, extending their working life. Using monitoring information made of aluminum alloy Tower without protective case, time may be up to 30 years, this is an ideal control tower information, so many companies created when the control tower equipment, aluminum alloy materials.
Towers manufacturers in order to ensure that timely monitoring and presentation of fire in forest fire prevention, will increase 10 m Tower, the first overlook on a wide scale.