Roof Decorated Tower Which Factors Should Be Considered

Factors: ground bearing capacity:
Install decorative towers atop buildings to consider the Foundation's ability to bear loads.
Two factors: the allowable bearing capacity of Foundation:
Installation of decorative towers atop buildings to meet the Foundation stability of deformation does not exceed the allowed values of the Foundation, the Foundation can load per unit area.
Three factors: the basic value of Foundation bearing capacity:
Decorative towers atop buildings to install according to the standard method of test for without the statistical processing of the data. Look up specifications that can be used by the physical properties of soil index capacity.
Factor four: bearing capacity standard values:
Roof decorated tower installation in normal circumstances, you may receive the minimum value of bearing capacity, in accordance with the standard method of test and mathematical and statistical data. Can be identified by the wild results number of hammering and dynamic sounding test specification for direct access table to determine bearing capacity, can also be based on fundamental values of bearing capacity multiplied by the correction factor of the reunification.
Factor five: design value of subgrade bearing capacity:
Decorating the roof installation of Tower Foundation in stability conditions, meet the requirements of structure Foundation settlement can withstand the load capacity. Directly by the plastic loads can also be obtained by ultimate strength divided by the safety factor, standard or by a foundation bearing capacity value base width and depth correction OK.