Roof Decorated Tower Which Structure Is Made Of

Decorative towers are towers, steel wire, insulators, anchor, log style frame and other steel components, and probably through hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion derusting painting process handles, do this process in order to make the decorative Tower rust, extend the use life of decorative towers.
Decorating the tower it contains by steel profile connections of the Tower, at the top of the Tower has a platform with guardrail. The utility can be placed on platform guardrails directional antenna, thus handle cannot be placed antenna issues and peace of operators cover the fence can also be effective. The utility platform can be rounded. This way, you can reduce the effects of wind.
Material: steel, round steel. Benefits: are triangle device situation and steel twisted line pull firm essentials, greatly low Tower body weight; wind load contains coefficient small, fundamental situation briefly, accounted for to less (as usually 0.25mx0.25m), on bearing weights damage smaller, floor surface fundamental construction convenient, can plans more layer platform, hosted skills high, can hanging contains more Deputy antenna and microwave transmission configuration; in floor surface Shang construction Shi, due to floor surface around maintenance layout more, pull firm convenient, construction speed greatly speed up; in hillside Shang construction Shi, Available slope advantage pull firmly held, placement and easy, quick construction; component lightweight, small footprint, small damage to the bearing.